Queer film and video series: TMI.Too Much Information continues with IDENTITY IN TRANSITION // July 10 // 8pm

The queer film and video series TMI (too much information), accompanying a Larry Clark retrospective on display at C/O Berlin (Oraniensburgerstr. 35/36), will continue on Tuesday July 10th at 8pm with:


Action Verité (François Ozon, 1994, 4′)
As two boys and two girls challenge each other to “Truth” or “Dare” they address and transgress taboos of sexuality and gender.

Between the Boys (Jake Yuzna, 2004, 3’32“)
An ambiguous and voyeuristic exploration of an unexpected relationship between two young men.

Oblique (Knut Åsdam, 2008, 13′)
Urban environments, and their heterotopic sites, are locations for Åsdam’s investigations into social design, patterns of behavior and modes of subjectivity, with a particular focus on spatial identity’s disorder and pathologies.

Ad Balloon (Lee Woo-jung, 2011, 24′)
Just like anywhere else, school starts far too early in the morning and it’s hard to get used to the new rules. What a relief then when a piece of shit is found in the school toilet that’s the biggest anyone’s ever seen and nobody can take away the knowledge of its existence.

Sibling Topics (section a) (Ryan Trecartin, 2009, 51’26“)
The personal boundaries of quadruplet sisters are indistinct, as is the nature of their group dynamic, which seems both familial and corporate. Breaking with normative appearance, Trecartin plays with linguistic and emotive construction of personality.

The series has been created to reflect upon the dynamics of working across, through, and against generational differences. TMI—or ‘too much information’—signifies the transgression of barriers of privacy and intimacy, and the centrality of resistance in narratives of family and community. The series hones in on issues of alleged danger or contagion, seeking to unpack them and to explore how emotions such as fear and shame are critical to creating and maintaining cultures of censorship and taboo. Beyond the apparent dualisms of the acceptable and the taboo, the public and the personal, and the self and the other, the series delves into the neoliberal power structures that regulate social and political dynamics of ‘excess.’ It explores personal and sociopolitical aspects of generational transformations and resists essentialized notions of time, space, and experience.

TMI. Too Much Information



Auf Deutsch: http://www.co-berlin.info/programm/exhibitions/2012/larry-clark/filmreihe.html

5 June–17 July 2012
Tuesdays 8pm
C/O Berlin – International Forum For Visual Dialogues
Oraniensburgerstr. 35/36 10117 Berlin

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