Queer Feminist Film and Video Series: TMI.Too Much Information concludes with GENERATIONS // Tues, July 17th // 8pm

The the final evening of the film and video series TMI (too much information), accompanying a Larry Clark retrospective on display at C/O Berlin (Oraniensburgerstr. 35/36), will take place on Tuesday July 17th at 8pm with special guest Liz Rosenfeld:

Light is Calling (Bill Morrison, 2004, 8′)
‘Light is Calling’ is a decaying narrative composed entirely from the decaying stock of one film, James Young’s ‘The Bells’, made in 1926. Rather than the doomed legacy of decaying nitrate film, ‘Light is Calling’ shows it to be filled with potential for renewed, vigorous experimental beginnings.

Generations (Barbara Hammer & Gina Carducci, 2010, 30′)
‘Generations’ is a film about mentoring and passing on the tradition of personal experimental filmmaking. Shot during the last days of Astroland at Coney Island, New York, the filmmakers find the inevitable fact of ageing echoes in the architecture of the amusement park and in the emulsion of the film medium itself.

UNTITLED (Dyketactics Revisited) (Liz Rosenfeld, 2005, 8′)
Dreamy landscapes, androgynous figures, skin, and concrete, masquerade through a fantasia of queer community and fluid forms, referencing history while looking into the future. Inspired by Barbara Hammer’s film ‘Dyketactics’ made in 1974.

13 Most Beautiful / Screen Tests Revisited (Conrad Ventur, 2009-2011, 36′)
This body of work looks to the archive of Andy Warhol’s earliest forays into film-based portraiture. Initially conceived as quotations, the original subjects of these film portraits re-perform these films 45 years later.

The series has been created to reflect upon the dynamics of working across, through, and against generational differences. TMI—or ‘too much information’—signifies the transgression of barriers of privacy and intimacy, and the centrality of resistance in narratives of family and community. The series hones in on issues of alleged danger or contagion, seeking to unpack them and to explore how emotions such as fear and shame are critical to creating and maintaining cultures of censorship and taboo. Beyond the apparent dualisms of the acceptable and the taboo, the public and the personal, and the self and the other, the series delves into the neoliberal power structures that regulate social and political dynamics of ‘excess.’ It explores personal and sociopolitical aspects of generational transformations and resists essentialized notions of time, space, and experience.

TMI. Too Much Information

Auf Deutsch: http://www.co-berlin.info/programm/exhibitions/2012/larry-clark/filmreihe.html

5 June–17 July 2012
Tuesdays 8pm
C/O Berlin – International Forum For Visual Dialogues
Oraniensburgerstr. 35/36 10117 Berlin

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