Queer film and video series: TMI.Too Much Information opens with Annika Eriksson’s It Did Happen Soon // June 5 // 9pm // Auguststr. 5a 10117 Berlin

TMI. Too Much Information
Auf Deutsch: http://www.co-berlin.info/programm/exhibitions/2012/larry-clark/filmreihe.html

5 June–17 July 2012
Opening Tues, 5 June 9pm
All other evenings: Tuesdays 8pm
C/O Berlin – International Forum For Visual Dialogues

Curated by Aykan Safoğlu & Todd Sekuler.

The film and video series TMI (too much information) will accompany a Larry Clark retrospective on display at C/O Berlin from June 5th through July 17th. The series has been created to reflect upon the dynamics of working across, through, and against generational differences. TMI—or ‚too much information’—signifies the transgression of barriers of privacy and intimacy, and the centrality of resistance in narratives of family and community. The series hones in on issues of alleged danger or contagion, seeking to unpack them and to explore how emotions such as fear and shame are critical to creating and maintaining cultures of censorship and taboo. Beyond the apparent dualisms of the acceptable and the taboo, the public and the personal, and the self and the other, the series delves into the neoliberal power structures that regulate social and political dynamics of ‚excess.‘ It explores personal and sociopolitical aspects of generational transformations and resists essentialized notions of time, space, and experience.

The series will open on 5 June with Annika Eriksson’s Berlin premiere of It Did Happen Soon. This video work emerges from research done into the writings and experiences of iconic Berlin based collective Kommune 1, often described as Germany’s first politically motivated commune. Here the experiences of some of the leading figures and of the movement are pushed into temporal ambiguity as the narrative around the desire and drive for transformation is transported into an ambiguous time and space. Documentary material merges with material from science fiction narratives in a three-part loop delivered by a young actor.

Annika Eriksson is a Swedish artist living in Berlin. Concurrent exhibitions include: The Trilogy, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Stuttgart; The Great Good Place, Krome Gallery, Berlin; and The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: Rebirth and Apocalypse in Contemporary Art, Kiev Biennale. A brief selection of previous exhibitions includes a solo exhibition for NON, Istanbul and participation in Scenarios about Europe, GFZK, Leipzig and Public Folklore for Grazer Kunstverein, Graz, 2011; a solo show for DAAD Galerie, Berlin; and a commission for the Hayward Gallery, London, 2010.

Programming details and dates

Annika Eriksson
5 June 9pm // Auguststraße 5a, 10117 Berlin
It Did Happen Soon (2012)

Ambiguous Longing
12 June 8pm // Oraniensburgerstr. 35/36 10117 Berlin
I didn’t know that I loved you by Sharon Hayes (2009). Wednesdays by Deniz Buga (2009). Mala Noche by Gus Van Sant (1986). Peter Fucking Wayne Fucking Peter by Wayne Yung (1994).

Dislocating Discourse
19 June 8pm // Oraniensburgerstr. 35/36 10117 Berlin
Aggressive Child by William E. Jones (2011). She Puppet by Peggy Ahwesh (2001). New Report by Wynne Greenwood & K8 Hardy (2005). Why Poem by Bob Flanagan/Kirby Dick (1997). Fast Trip Long Drop by Gregg Bordowitz (1994).

Desire Performed
26 June 8pm // Oraniensburgerstr. 35/36 10117 Berlin
Jollies by Sadie Benning (1990). Brothers by Deniz Buga (2003). Ein Bild by Harun Farocki (1983). Impaled by Larry Clark (2006). Chinese Characters by Richard Fung (1986).

Press Record
3 July 8pm // Oraniensburgerstr. 35/36 10117 Berlin
Hunger by Masha Godovannaya (2011). A New Year by Sadie Benning (1989). Living Inside by Sadie Benning (1989). The Mom Tapes by Ilene Segalove (1974).

Identity in Transition
10 July 8pm // Oraniensburgerstr. 35/36 10117 Berlin
Action Verité by François Ozon (1994). Between the Boys by Jake Yuzna (2004). Oblique von Knut Åsdam (2008). Ad Balloon by Lee Woo-jung (2011). Sibling Topics (section a) by Ryan Trecartin (2009).

17 July 8pm // Oraniensburgerstr. 35/36 10117 Berlin
Light Is Calling by Bill Morrison (2004). Generations by Barbara Hammer & Gina Carducci (2010). Untitled (Dyketactics Revisited) by Liz Rosenfeld (2005). 13 Most Beautiful / Screen Tests Revisited by Conrad Ventur (2009–2011).

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