Minor Cosmopolitan weekend; Berlin HKW, 6.-8. Dezember 2018

MINOR COSMOPOLITAN WEEKEND Lecture, Debate, Film, Exhibition, Music


Berlin HKW, 6.-8.12. 2018

Around the turn of the millennium, academics and politicians predicted that the world would grow together as one and that people would become less bound by national affiliations. Almost twenty years later, there is little left of this vision.
This is not such a surprise when we consider that the cosmopolitan ideal (as articulated during the European Enlightenment) wholeheartedly embraced the promises of a globalising economy, yet has remained oblivious to, and even complicit with, capitalist exploitation, slavery, and colonialism. Yet should we abandon the cosmopolitan idea because of this corrupt history? Or should it rather be reviewed and rethought in the face of rising nationalism? What are alternative traditions and practices of the cosmopolitan from across the globe?
In lectures, films, and performances, Arjun Appadurai, Manthia Diawara, Julian Henriques, Vivian Price, Michelle Wright, and other participants will explore these questions and experiment with ideas and practices of doing, undoing and redoing the cosmopolitan.

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