CFP: Feminist perspectives to the economy within transforming Nordic welfare states (DL 7.12.)

Call for papers: Feminist perspectives to the economy within transforming Nordic welfare states (DL 7.12.2018)

This Special Issue of NORA – Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research aims to carve space for feminist analysis of the economy – economic policies, economic governance, economic knowledge and economic questions more generally – within the Nordic context.

While of high societal importance and policy-relevance, there is a lack of feminist analyses of the changing role of the economy in politics and society within the Nordic countries. For example, the increasing role of the economy on the political agenda, neoliberal policy and labour market reforms, shifts in the way decisions about economic policy are made, and economic crisis and austerity and their gendered implications.

We invite theoretical, empirical and comparative submissions that analyse these questions and their relevance for the transforming Nordic welfare states. The possible topics include (but are not restricted to):

  • Neoliberal economic policies and labour market reforms and their gendered impacts, for example, on women’s labour market situation and care and social reproduction
  • Neoliberalization, economization, changing Nordic welfare states, changing roles of central institutional actors (labour market organizations, government, civil society) and related phenomena
  • Transformations of economic governance and policy-making processes and their implications for gender equality as well as the possibilities to contest gendered economic policies
  • Studies on the similarities and differences between Nordic countries, or similarities and differences between the Nordic countries and other national contexts, in relation to economic questions from feminist and gender perspective

Read more about the themes of the special issue here:

Deadline for abstracts (300 words): 7 December 2018 via email to Anna Elomäki ( and Paula Koskinen Sandberg (Paula.Sandberg

Decisions on abstracts will be sent to authors: 14 December 2018

Completed manuscript deadline: 1st April 2019

Anna Elomäki
Senior Researcher
Gender Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences
33014 University of Tampere

Twitter: @AnnaElomaki

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