Call for contributions: European Network on Gender and Violence 2019 conference; Freiburg, 17-19 July 2019

2019 Annual Conference of the European Network on Gender and Violence (ENGV)

17-19 July 2019

Social Science Research Institute on Gender Issues / Protestant University of Applied Sciences Freiburg


ENGV is an interdisciplinary, international network supporting exchange and collaboration among researchers, scholars and professionals. The network holds annual conferences that provide a forum for friendly debate of current research. We are inviting submissions for contributions that present new empirical studies or new scholarship on theory or methodology, particularly work on successful prevention of violence/abuse, and on biographical trajectories from childhood to adulthood as we would like to make these two topics focal points of the 2019 conference. All methodologies are welcome as are in-depth reflections on research/policy intersections. The conference will offer three formats for presenting work:

  1. Inputs. The conference emphasizes discussion in the plenary. The purpose of inputs is to prompt discussion with a set of concise statements or questions. Inputs should be presented within 10-15 minutes, which will be followed by 15-20 minutes of discussion. Empirical inputs must show actual findings, intention to collect data is not sufficient. Inputs need to situate their topic in the context of relevant research, in particular in Europe. Presenters may circulate a longer version of their input prior to the conference.
  2. Posters. Prepare in sizes A2 or A1. Posters will be presented at a dedicated poster reception with a prize for the best poster. Posters will be displayed throughout the conference.
  3. Materials for display. Participants can bring books, chapters, reports and such for display and/or distribution. We can also circulate information by email before the conference if desired.

Early Career Researchers’ Day (organized by Ksenia Meshkova). Wed 17 July 2019 is for early career researchers to discuss papers, research proposals or Master’s / PhD theses at any stage of completion. This is also a good opportunity to network and discuss challenges of doing gender violence research. Experienced researchers who want to lend their support are also welcome. Early career researchers who seek feedback on their papers need to send them to all participants in Early Career Researchers’ Day before the conference.

For all contributions (main conference and early career researchers’ day), please send submission form with 200-word abstract to ENGV Freiburg conference 2019 no later than 1 February 2019.

We look forward to seeing you in Freiburg in 2019!

Conference Committee:

Freiburg: Cornelia Helfferich, Barbara Kavemann, Bianca Nagel, Daniel Doll, Carina Pflügler, Jenny-Elisa Ginter, Maria Theisgen / Network: Monika Schröttle, Ksenia Meshkova, Nadia Khelaifat, Renate Klein




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