CfP: Workshop: Gendering Smart Mobilities – Planning and Policy Processes, Stockholm 17-18 November 2018

Call for Papers: Planning and Policy processes
– Gender and diversity mainstreaming
Stockholm the 17th-18th  of September 2018.

Invitation to submit abstracts for the 3rd of three workshops on Gendering Smart Mobilities in the Nordic Region.

The workshop addresses gender, intersectionality and the smart mobility paradigm with focus on strategies, implementations and policy. Previous studies have pointed to transport and mobility as producing gendered stereotypes, and how notions of men and masculinity are being linked with speed and mobility; by contrast women and femininity are seen as synonymous with immobility and aligned with home and domesticity. Nordic research has shown that planning processes are vital and that inequalities in family and workplace can be best addressed in the early stages of planning which includes in the transport planning process. Furthermore, awareness has grown that transport planning and research should extend their focus to domains or (sub)systems that interact with transport, directly or indirectly e.g. the demographic and household formation process, changing lifestyles, work conditions, consumptions and leisure patterns – which largely determine the demand for transport.

We welcome contributions from a range of experts; research, policy makers and planning practice, on gender and intersectionality in transport mobility and models and activity-based methods to map and analyse mobility trajectories.

Confirmed keynote speakers
Joachim Scheiner, Professor, Faculty of Spatial Planning, Department of Transport Planning,
Technische Universität, Dortmund, Germany.
Ulf Mellström, Professor, Centre for Gender Studies, Karlstad University, Sweden.
Daniel Svanfelt, Strategy officer, City of Malmö, Sweden.

Deadline for abstracts (max 200 words): August 1st, 2018
Send abstract to:
Reply from the work shop committee: August 20th , 2018

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Best regards
On behalf of the Gendering Smart Mobilities partners, Tanu Uteng, Lena Levin and Hilda Rømer Christensen

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