CfP: Trans rights as human rights; Linköping May 8-10, 2012

Call for papers for the conference:

‚Trans rights as human rights- the implications for trans health(care)‘

May 8-10, 2012,

Linköping University and Linköping University Hospital, Linköping, Sweden Arranged by: Unit of Gender Studies at Department of Thematic Studies and Unit of Gender and Medicine at Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Nordic Trans Network and RFSL, The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights

Papers are invited for presentation at the international conference on trans rights in relation health care issues ‚Trans rights as human rights- the implications for trans health(care)‘. This conference takes as its starting point the recent UN resolution that affirms human rights to trans persons and brings attention to human rights violations based on gender identity. The focus will be specifically on the healthcare context as a key space in which issues of rights, responsibilities and care are highlighted. The conference is funded by Riksbankens jubileumsfond.

Key note speakers are:

Susan Stryker, Associate Professor, Gender and Women’s Studies, director of Institute for LGBT Studies, Arizona University Jamison Green, PhD, Trans Health Policy Analyst at the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF Medical School), President-Elect of World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Dr Leighton Seal, Consultant Endocrinologist for the Gender Identity Clinic, West London Mental Health and Consultant Endocrinologist at the Thomas Addison Unit, St George’s Hospital, Tooting London.

Dr Gunnar Kratz, Professor of Plastic Surgery, Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKE) Linköping University Hospital Linda Almqvist, legal adviser, Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare We welcome papers from researchers, transgender activists and health care staff on/across/expanding the following themes:

• The role of narratives/cultures in trans health (e.g. learning through reading trans narratives, asking whose stories ‘count’, and contradictory or counter-narratives)

• Trans youth (e.g. discussions around age limit, violence and bullying, and practical issues around accessing relevant healthcare)

• Sexual health (e.g. sexual pleasure, bodily comfort, desire, sexual health clinics and trans knowledge, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases)

• What is ‘health’? (e.g. what constitutes ‘good health’ and why is it important? Issues around food, exercise, depathologisation, and the role of social networks)

• Standards of care (e.g. recent changes to standards of care, differing national contexts, funding, caregivers and caregiving)

• Trans rights as human rights – the right to health care (e.g. patients’ rights, responsibilities of medical professionals, and ethical questions)

A special issue of Lambda Nordica will be published with a selection of papers developed from the conference and additional contributors.

Please submit abstracts of no more than 250 words in English and a short biography (150 words max) to the conference email address: by 20 March 2012. Don’t hesitate to contact the conference organisers at the email address above if you have any questions or queries!

Deadline for abstract submission: 20 March 2012

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