„Teaching Gender with Libraries and Archives“ online!

http___www.atgenderhttp___www.atgenderTeaching Gender with LibrariesAb sofort ist das Buch „Teaching Gender with Libraries and Archives“ von der AtGender-Webseite aus online zu lesen.  Zur Erinnerung noch einmal die Angaben und das Inhaltsverzeichnis:
Jong, Sara de; Koevoets, Sanne (ed.):
Teaching Gender with Libraries and Archives : The Power of Information. Budapest ; New York : Central European University Press, 2013. – p. 179 (Teaching with gender : European women’s studies in international and interdisciplinary classrooms ; 10) ISBN: 978-615-5225-60-4


  • Introduction
  • The library as knowledge broker
  • Parallels in the history of women’s/gender studies and its special libraries
  • Institutionalizing activist legacies
  • Searching for women in the archives : collecting private archives of women
  • Core feminist texts in Europe online : teaching with the FRAGEN database
  • Teaching gender-sensitive English as a foreign language through databases : local practices and beyond
  • (Re)searching gender in a library
  • Information as a tool for the empowerment of women
  • Reflections on Glasgow Women’s Library : the production of cultural memory, identity and citizenship
  • Beyond the bun lady : towards new feminist figurations of librarianship